Amazon Handmade

Many people don’t realize that Amazon has a side just like Etsy where makers can show and sell their handmade products. While there are lots of rules and stipulations for what can be listed there, I find that most people don’t realize it exists. Nothing manufactured commercially can be included here – literally only handmade items.

Feel free to check out the Etsy alternative. My handmade business is Homemade Creations and has been in business since 1998 when my mom and I really got serious about making and selling the items that help us de-stress and improve our mental health.

rainbow tree of life in circle
This is just 1 of the recent cross stitch designs I completed during quarantine. This is on 14 count glitter silver white Aida cloth (and is available customized or as it). As you can tell from the items I make, I’m in love with the tree of life and what it stands for.