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Endo Has Stages?

Yes, endometriosis has stages, just like cancer. So, now that you’ve been told you have endometriosis, do you know what stage you are classified as?  Many surgeons leave out the classification detail unless specifically asked. Some gynecologists will not provide this information as they are not trained excision specialists and may not know exactly what […]

Endo Attacked My Intestines

You’ve got what seems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and cycle between constipation and diarrhea. Your favorite foods suddenly give you issues. You’ve already been diagnosed with endometriosis (or have you?) and you think “Great, something else wrong with me; like I already don’t have enough to deal with.” Those cramping pains are back so […]

13 Things Living With Endo Has Taught Me

Those who are afflicted with Endometriosis will (without a doubt) learn a number of things throughout their lifetime. And depending on how severe their case is (whenever they’re finally diagnosed), some of those things can either make them stronger, wreak havoc on their lives, or both. Here’s a brief list of what Endometriosis has taught […]